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2024 Passion Projects

This year Steed and Hound Photography has a few styled shoots in mind and is looking for some awesome horses and riders!

Styled Shoots:
Fine Art Freedom Session 

Beautiful movement of your horse being able to express him/herself without a rider. 

Specifically Looking for Breeds Types Below:

Baroque Breeds (ex: Andalusian, Friesian, Lipizzan, Lusitano, Murgese, etc. or crosses)

Saddleseat Breeds (ex: Arabs, Hackneys, Morgans, Saddlebreds, etc. or crosses)

Rare/Unique Breeds ( ex: Akhal-Teke, Cleveland Bay, Fjord, Knabstrupper, Peruvian Paso, etc. or crosses)

Draft Breeds (ex: American Cream Draft, Norkier, Percheron, Suffolk Punch, Shire, etc. or crosses)

Fine Art Under Saddle Session 

Stunning action of you and your horse's discipline.  

All Disciplines May Apply

Multiple Horse Barns Desired 

Horse and Rider Styled Session 

Styled by the Photographer (Western Glamour)

All Horse and Riders May Apply


Session Fee Waived

$295 value

Wall Art and Prints Available for Purchase

Metal, Canvas, Leather, Prints

Digitals Will Only be Included on Portraits Purchased

No Digital Only Purchases

Please Reach Out if You Have Any Questions:


call or text: 423.316.0626

social media: @steedandhoundphoto


Passion Project Form

Which Project Are You Intested In?

Thank You for Submitting!

About Steed and Hound photography...

Steed and Hound is an equestrian photographer located in the Ft. Worth, Texas area.


Steed and Hound specializes in creating heirloom portraits of you and your treasured horse and cherished pets.  

Steed and Hound regularly travels outside of Texas, and many times will be found in Oklahoma, Lexington and Florence Kentucky, Chicago Illinois, Santa Clarita Temecula and San Diego California, and New York. 

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