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Choosing the Right Photographer for the Job

So you’ve decided that you want to make the investment of a portrait session of your beloved 4-legged family member.  How do you go about choosing a photographer?  Where do you start? Below are a few steps to help you out along the way.


1.     Decide on a Style:

Every photographer has his/her on style that is what makes the profession so diverse.  You want to make sure your vision matches the photographer’s style.   Look through many portfolios, and narrow it down to a few you like.


2.     Set Up Interviews:

Once you have narrowed your selection, contact those you like and set up an interview.  This can be over the phone, Skype, or even in person, just make sure you get the one on one you need to see if your personalities mesh.  Remember it’s very important you like your photographer, this is someone that you will be working with closely to capture some special moments, and you want it to be pleasant for all involved. 


3.     Ask Questions:

Go over any questions you may have for them. Here are a few that you may want to ask:

1.     What are the sessions you offer? From pricing to what is included with each package.

2.     What is your animal experience? You want someone that will be comfortable with your pet.  If you know your pet has some quirky personality traits, please bring them up here, this will help with your choice

3.     What is the turn over time once the session is complete to review the gallery?  You want to be in the know for this, and not be waiting months for your photos.


These are just to get you thinking.

Any questions you have, please ask.  This will help alleviate any anxiety or worry about the session.


In the end you will choose the right photographer for you.  Once you find the photographer you love, keep them! Photographers enjoy the seeing the pets grow up and welcoming new furry members to the family. It helps eliminate the process of choosing a new photographer if you already have one you feel comfortable with and know that they will deliver to your expectations.




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