Personal Client Galleries:

Sent directly to the client's email address supplied at time of scheduling. 

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Event Galleries:

Proofs at the following links are not edited and will be straightened, cropped, color corrected, and cleaned up (small/ med debris) upon purchase.

Digital Images and Prints are available. Digital Images will be delivered within 48 hours of purchase. Prints take 10-14 business days to receive for review and will then be mailed to the exhibitor. Print orders are placed with the printer on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5pm.

If you are wanting to share images via Social Media please do not screenshot from the gallery, there is an option to purchase digital images specifically for social media sharing.

2022 Shows:

Wine Country Classic: Summerfest, Working Equitation

July 23-24

USAWE: Western Zone Working Equitation Championship

Dec 8-11

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Contact us if you are interested in an Event covered by Steed and Hound that is not listed.